Dear Potential Sponsor,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Youth Alive Christian League for soccer (YACL). We are newly established network of Churches in the Johannesburg region of South Africa, who play soccer to glorify God and promote fellowship.

Our mission is to extend Christian influence through the sport of soccer, whilst promoting healthy and active lifestyles for all youth. We strongly believe by keeping youth active in wholesome activities, we keep them out of trouble, off the streets and active within a Christian atmosphere.

Our objective is to provide a sporting environment that encourages and develops Christian principles in all aspects of the game. An environment where hooliganism and unnecessary aggression are seen as less than desirable. This is also an opportunity for youth to combine the passion of sport and their passion for religion.

As part of YACL, church teams are provided with a weekly practice schedule, and play monthly tournaments with other churches within the Johannesburg region.

In order to make this rewarding experience a reality for our youth, we are reaching out to local businesses, family and friends, offering the opportunity to become a sponsor of a youth church team. 

The contribution will be targeted exclusively to lowering the growing costs of of church teams (i.e. uniform fees, equipment, league registration & tournament fees, referee fees, travel fees etc.) allowing them to easily assimilate and fully participate in the league.

The average cost per team, per season to participate in the league is R1700.00

To meet this challenge, we kindly request your vital support by sponsoring YACL with a generous donation of:

R1700.00            R3400.00          R5100.00     or     any amount 

Your business will be mentioned and posted on our website as a team sponsor. A sponsorship of R5000.00 and more will get your company posted on the YACL home page with a direct link to your company website.

 Please also take the opportunity to review other ways you may be able to assist in our program.

God Bless,

Victor & Reagan | YACL Organisational Team